About Us

Typeone Srl was founded as a research spin-off of the University of Salento operating in the fields of Biomaterials, Biotechnology and Human Health. The company is a young and dynamic start-up offering scientific and technical knowledge and expertise in the extraction and processing of collagen, as well as in the development and prototyping of collagen-based products for Advanced Therapies, with a special focus on Tissue Engineering. The company operates in conformity with the most important and rigorous quality standards.

Tissue Engineering represents the forefront of the biomedical sector of the 21st century. It is a rapidly growing field with a high socio-economic impact, involving the development of new therapies to improve human health and quality of life. Thanks to its board of experts and the skills developed in numerous research and technology transfer projects, Typeone has reached an outstanding know-how in the biomedical sector, with particular reference to the development of innovative techniques for the synthesis and processing of protein-based biomaterials, the scale-up of the production processes, and the prototyping/testing of implantable devices for Advanced Therapies. This is also evidenced by the strong interest towards our products and services shown by various companies and research institutes working in the fields of bioengineering and Medical Devices.